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Jack Reasinger: Employee

I worked at the downtown Henry's while in High School.

June 19, 2024


TNB: Kankakee Henry's

For a very long time I've tried to remember the name of that fast food restaurant in Kankakee and seeing a youtube video on old fast food chains I rediscovered the name. I have very fond memories of stopping at Henrys in Kankakee. I'm talking about the early 1960s when we would go there. My younger brother and I, when we were preschool age, would go shopping with our gramma on occasion in Kankakee to Sears and the butcher shop there driving over from Braidwood. We rarely got to eat out so it was always a treat when gramma offered to buy us a hamburger at Henrys and I have to say I miss that place. The taste of those burgers was never matched by anything the newer fast food giants brought us but maybe it was just because it was gramma who took us. Thanks for allowing us to share our memories.

You know I did some researching and actually that restaurant was located in a small town adjacent to Kankakee called Bradley. Bourbonnais, Bradley, and Kankakee Illinois all adjoin each other. But we just always called it all Kankakee since we were from Braidwood.

April 4, 2024

Doug Gosha: Henry's in Rochester, MN

A few years ago, I wrote about my dad taking us kids to the Henry's in Austin, MN but I also want to mention the Henry's in Rochester which was there up into the nineteen eighties. When I lived there, we would go to Henry's quite often and, in fact, I have a picture my step-son and I, carrying a bag of burgers and fries, coming out of Henry's in 1981 or 1982, when he was 2 or 3.

The burgers and fries were still just as good as they were over 20 years before that.

March 13, 2023

Dotty Dobbs: Fate

There was a Henry’s in Atchison, Kansas, in the early 70’s. My husband moved to Atchison from California in 1970 his senior high school year and I lived in Atchison and was a junior. We met at Henry’s and enjoyed many good times there eating the best hamburgers and fries and milkshakes. We married in 1975. We will celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary April 26, 2023. Wish there was still a Henry’s close by, like in the Kansas City area.

January 21, 2023

Larry Langford: South Side of Chicago?

I am having a discussion with some childhood friends  we are now in our 70's and are trying to remember things from the 60's. We are having an argument over the location of a Henry's hamburger stand. I can swear there was one on the South side of Chicago near the Englewood shopping center at about 63rd and Union near a white castle.. but my friends say i am crazy.. I can remember it being in the 600 block of west 6rd  not far from  Halsted .. the burgers were 15 cents I think. Can anyone help me prove that? 

January 12, 2023

Joe Pedulla: Road Trip

My family opened a Henry's in Tonawanda NY when I was a kid. I started working there at 9 years old until we closed. A seven and a half hour road trip was always talked about and we finally did it. Pulling up brought back great memories and the smell when we walked in brought back my childhood. The staff were very friendly and unwrapping our cheeseburgers and opening that half pound fry was worth the trip. Thank you for keeping memories alive and we will do our best to come back.

October 24, 2022

Mike Ryerson: Bradley and Kankakee Henry's

3 burgers, fries and a chocolate shake for about 85 cents. It made the sting of a little league all star game loss to Wilmington in 1966 a little less painful.

September 12, 2022

Martin Randall: Pensacola Henry's

Growing up in Pensacola, Florida during the 1960's, Henry's on Pace Blvd. was my favorite place to eat by far! I could always scrounge enough change to afford a burger, fries and shake and on my birthday I always chose Henry's for my party. My entire Cub Scout den used to go there every week after our meetings, and later whenever our Boy Scout troop had a special event we would always demand to go to Henry's afterwards. The fries were always hot and fresh and super tasty and the orange soda was the best in town and the burgers were so good. My best memory was as a cub scout when we went to the Navy base for a field trip, it was a long and tiring day and in the end, we were packed into somebody's station wagon and went to Henry's for supper. I still remember me and my friends eating ourselves into a stupor and falling asleep in the car on the ride home, perfectly content.

April 29, 2021

Don Gregurich: Riverside IL

In 1960 we walked from Hauser Jr High school to the Henry’s on Harlem Ave during lunchtime to get those good burgers and fries [kept warm with IR lamps].    It was a full mile each way; we had either 45 min or an hour for lunch/recess.

March 18, 2021

John Donlon: Westchester IL and Ames IA

Saturday evenings in the mid-1960s  included a stop at Henry’s on 22nd Street, just west of Wolf Road in Westchester, Illinois.  Burgers and fries were always excellent, the place was close to home and you could not beat the prices.  My buddies and I would buy the food and the car’s hood was our dining table. The building was torn down in the late 1960s to build an Arby’s and now that is vacant.  Henry’s in Ames, Iowa was my stopover point in drives between Westchester, Illinois and Buena Vista College in Storm Lake, Iowa. Located right on Route 30 it was again THE place to eat on those long drives.  I miss both of them. Still remember guys buying French fries buy the pound … you’ll never see that again.

February 17, 2021

David Lamb: High School Hangout

There was a Henry’s Hamburgers about one block north of Des Moines’ North High School, and it was definitely THE place for all of us to “hang out” once the school authorized their “open campus” policies at lunchtime. I recall the rumor going around that the school was actually having financial issues due to the decreased sales of lunches because so many of us were opting for Henry’s burgers, fries, and milk shakes at noon. It also made the long, uphill walk along Sixth Avenue to my parents’ home in Oak Park much more enjoyable while munching on an “after-school” burger that typified most walks home between 1962 and 1964!

February 15, 2021

Greg Dziomba: Teenage Memories

I have fond memories of the Henry’s (Cheektowaga, NY) location on Union Road across Airport Plaza. When walking home from Maryvale High School (1969-1973), I would always manage to stop by Henry’s for a 15-cent hamburger. My first date was walking my girlfriend home and treating her to a Henry’s hamburger and fries. I miss those innocent days!

January 23, 2021

J Oliver: Two locations

We had two Henry locations in Huntsville, Alabama.  The one I remember the most was located on Bob Wallace Ave and the building is still there today. As a kid growing up, it was a treat getting to go to Henry's for burgers because back in the sixties, families did not eat out much.
So, when ever we would get hungry for lunch or dinner we would go to Henry"s Hamburgers. Sometimes dad would surprise us. On his way home for work he would sometimes stop at Henry's and bring a sack full home. As a child I thought I was eating like a King when we got Henry's Hamburgers. Wish we still had one in Huntsville, AL.

October 22, 2020

Barbara Fisher: Special Lunches with my daughter


Henry's hamburgers holds a special place in my heart. When my oldest daughter was a little girl her favorite thing to do on my day off included lunch at Henry's hamburgers. I lost her when she was 12 years old to a brain tumor. Her love for Henry's hamburgers gave us a place to bond with each other. Our Henry's location was in Waterloo, Iowa.

July 29, 2020

Karen Kelley: Yum Yum


I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was quite a treat for me when my parents took me to Henry’s for a burger and fries. It was SO good! It’s funny, but I remember that I would fill up eating the burger and my mom would say, “Just eat the meat!” So, I’d take off the bun and finish by eating the hamburger only. I’m sure the burger was only $0.10. Wish they’d come back.

June 9, 2020

Kandee: Flashback to Henry's Waterloo IA

Our parents used to take us to Henry’s Hamburgers growing up in the late 60’s in Waterloo Iowa!  We loved it... wished we had a Henry’s nowadays.. the best!!

December 14, 2019

Phil Paonessa: Henry's Niagara Falls, NY

Working at Henry's Hanburgers in Niagara Falls, NY was my real "first" official job...worked there after school and on weekends and became a shift manager.....in the late 60's Niagara Falls was still a thriving city and Henry's was one of THE official hangouts for teenagers....after a while though, they just couldn't keep pace with McD's and Carrolls (which folded into Burger King)....the food really was good...the place was always spotless...hated to see it go!

April 19, 2019

Galen: Fort Dodge, Iowa

I remember it well. Usually later in the evening with mom and dad they would go to the local Henry's and buy a pound of fries and order some burgers, I think they were $.19 cents each if I remember correctly. Later in the evening they would just throw in extra burgers in the bag because they were going to be throwing them out anyway. Sometimes my dad would bring back to the car a bag of 12-15 burgers...oh, boy! Probably the best burgers ever I remember growing up. Late 1990's I ended up living in Watervliet MI for about a year. Driving around one day I couldn't believe it when I ran across this Henry's in Benton Harbor. It was the same food as I always remembered it. I stopped here several times over a few months. I'd like to go back and take my wife, but to drive from Davenport Iowa to Benton Harbor for a hamburger and with no other purpose, that probably isn't going to happen, unfortunately.

March 16, 2019

Deb Wiegand: Celebrity Guest - Manitowoc Wisconsin

In the early '70's, we lived close to the Henry's that was located on Washington Street in Manitowoc WI. My husband stopped to pick up a couple of burgers for our lunch and ended up in line behind this very tall guy in a blue blazer (obviously not from Manitowoc). When he got up to the counter the clerk went nuts. It tuned out to be Charlton Heston in town to visit his wife's family who lived in nearby Two Rivers. Delivery of my lunch was delayed but worth it. Only goes to show everybody loved Henry's burgers. It might be the grilled onions.

January 17, 2019

Rick Lamers: A railroad freight car full of frozen fries

My father-in-law, “Kap” Kapler, owned a Henry’s franchise in Waterloo, IA. He had some great stories about it, including the time he once ordered an entire railroad freight car full of frozen fries for the store! Unfortunately, the Henry’s there closed before I had a chance to enjoy it. I hope to surprise my wife and take her to the one in Benton Harbor someday!

December 17, 2018

Joe Anderson: Great Memories in Dorchester MA

Such great memories of eating at Henry’s Hamburgers in Dorchester, MA in the 60’s with my parents.  The fact that I am still thinking/talking about it today will tell you how important Henry’s was to my wonderful childhood.

November 14, 2018

Donna: Best Burgers Ever

I was born in 1959 and I have very young memories of my mom taking me to Henry's in Brockton Ma for the best, juiciest burgers ever !! I used to call them sloppy burgers because I just couldn’t keep it all in the bun!! A definite dinner treat back in the day when money was so very tight. Thank You Henrys for the memories.

October 2, 2018

Eddie Burton: Worked for Henry's

When I was 17 a former math teacher of mine named Mr. ... Timberlake was managing a Henry’s in Huntsville, AL and he called me and gave me my first job. That was 1964. I became special order cook. Shrimp boats, grilled cheese, hot dogs and fried pies. I loved eating there more than working there but it gave me my start.

August 7, 2018

T Terry: Still... the best hamburger I ever ate bar none

“WOW” What a wonderful blast from the past! Henry's Hamburgers.
Located right next door to the brand new East Saint Louis Illinois Senior High School, a perfect location for a hamburger stand. It was around 1959 or 1960 or so on Sundays after Church we ate Henry's Hamburgers.
I'm now living in my 68th year and there is no telling how many burgers I have had over those many years. However I can testify that Henry's is still the very best hamburger I've ever ate in all those years. Amen to Henry's Hamburgers. Thank you for the memories.

July 3, 2018

Alan S: I miss this place

Hello ! WOW!!   It's been over 38 years since I have had a meal at Henry's !! You see, the one in Wheeling closed about 1979 / 1980  :( Do you know what I liked the MOST there ?
Their ITALIAN BEEF sandwich !! I have tried so many Italian beef sandwiches, but NONE compare to the awesome taste of their sandwich, with their gravy !! Their thick vanilla milk shakes were terrific, also !! I miss this place SO MUCH !!

June 8, 2018

Scott Zuhr: Intend to make Henry's a stop on my travels in Michigan

I grew up on the Northside of Chicago. Reading your website brought back wonderful memories of the Henrys establishments near my home and in my travels. For a quick meal they were the best. The shakes stood up to a straw. The locations I remember were Milwaukee and Foster, Western and Foster, and lastly one that is mentioned in your memory lane by O’Hare, at Higgins and Mannheim Rd not far from  the hotel where they filmed the series Rt. 66. The O’Hare location was taken over by McDonalds and has been there ever since.  I so miss Henrys and intend to make that a stop on my travels in Michigan. Best wishes.

May 2, 2018

Russ: Can't believe no mention of Henry's in Detroit

There were two, one on Greenfield, the other 7 mile and Cooley, a block from my house. Through out the sixties the parking lot was full when school let out (mostly Henry Ford High School)

As young kids friends and I would go in several times a day. If there was trash left in the small eat in area the manager would say..... "hey kid pick up the trash and I will give you a Coke" we would clean up and share the drink.

As time passed it became the place for the Frats vs. Greasers to assemble and "Rumble". Eventually there was a Detroit Police car in the parking lot riding herd on the students. Soon after no one went there after school. Long before drive thru's, Henry's closed in the 70's and was torn down. Great memories!!!! Hamburgers or fries 8 cents... Cheeseburger a dime... Shakes 12 cents.......

December 4, 2017

Jo: Worked at 2 locations in Albuquerque in the 60's

My first job after being a paper boy. Two guys from Chicago co-owned the one on Gibson. They each owned the other 2 in town separately.  One by the university, and one on Eubank.  They were well run places, with a real emphasis on putting out a quality product.  I remember mixing “Henry’s Secret Sauce,”  I think it was 2 parts ketchup and 1 part mustard. (Don’t tell anyone—it’s a secret.)

November 1, 2017

D Gosha: Henry's Hamburgers in Austin MN

When I and my brothers and sister were just little kids in the late fifties, my mother worked the late afternoon/early evening shift as a waitress and my dad would often take us to the Henry's in Austin, MN.
I always wanted to go to the window and order/pay for/pick up the food and my dad would give me the money - five dollars for all six of us. This was when you stood outside for this. No inside eating area (they eventually added that in the late sixties.
I remember, particularly, the red-colored lamps (I realize now they must have been infrared) with coiled cords they had to keep the food hot in the bins.
We were thrilled every time my dad said we were going to Henry's to eat. The burgers and fries were just so delicious, to we kids anyway. Actually, they WERE delicious because there is a burger place in Rochester, MN now called Snappy Stop and the burgers there are almost the same and delicious, too.
Anyway, there is now a Taco John's where the old Henry's Hamburgers was and I still think of those days when I pass by or go there, especially when I see that some of the same old houses and other buildings surrounding are still there.

October 31, 2017


June W: Henry's long before McDonald's

After they built Merle Hay Plaza [Des Moines Iowa] when I was about 8 yrs old they put a Henry's catty-cornered across the street on the corner. When I was a bit older(10) we would walk to the mall do some shopping and then go get 15 cent burgers across the street. I remember Henry's long before McDonalds.

June 3, 2017

George Allen: Great burgers, a price we could afford

My new wife and I loved to drive across town to the Henry's on South 72nd Street in Omaha, Nebraska, in our new 1962 VW bug. Great burgers, a price we could afford. Remember it like yesterday.

January 11, 2017

Bill Yenisch: Fond Remembrance

I just finished a burger and fries at McDonald's. The fries were greasy the way I remember them at Henry's. It was a flashbulb moment. There was a Henry's by O'Hare Field in Chicago. The year was around 1969 when I graduated High School. I stopped for a burger and fries. The bag of fries was the greasiest experience I have ever had to the point that I still remember the experience. Today's experience (though not as bad) reminded me of my 1969 experience. So I decided to Google Henry's Hamburgers wondering if the chain still existed. And to my amazement there was the website. Although I don't believe Henry's is still in Chicago, it would be great to nostalgically visit a still existing store. Hip Hip Hooray for Henry's!!!

September 20, 2016

Bill Despot, Brighton, MI: Thinking Bout the Old Days

I never realized that henrys was a chain til now when I googled it while thinking about my old neighborhood....I’m now 66 and used to ride my bike about a mile to the henrys at Plymouth Rd. & Greenfield in northwest Detroit. When I got some change I’d sneak up there and eat 2 or 3 burgers ... in high school I worked in a shell gas station right next door so I only had a short walk to get some Henry’s ... my friends talk about White castle hamburgers and reminisce ... [not me] ... Henry’s Hamburgers please ... I remember the 15 cents on the sign, same one on your Website ... that was about 55 yrs ago for me ... thanx for the memories ...

August 26, 2016

Susan Storemont: 1967

We just got back from having a Henry’s hamburger. I go there “for old time’s sake”.  My husband and I met in Henry’s parking lot April 8, 1967, he was in his sharp yellow Dodge Dart. I found out from his mom that when he got home that night, he told her he met the girl he was going to marry! We got married in December of that year, so it has been 47 years! Have other marriages resulted from meeting at Henry’s?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Jon Engen: YUMMMM

Growing up in Crystal, MN. we had three options for burgers... all within a mile and half from out house.  There was a McDonalds on Broadway, a Golden Point on Bass Lake Road and a Henry's on the corner of Bass Lake Road and Highway 81.  On the odd occasion that we would go out for burgers Henry's was always our first and only choice.  For years the building served as a used car lot.  It's all gone now but there is not a single time when I get to that intersect that I don't think about Henry's.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Mark A Stuart: I HAD NO IDEA

Hi, This is great! I had no idea any of these still existed. Found out thanks to a Madison (WI) page on Facebook -- ironically doesn't look like there was ever one there. In the early 70s, we'd go to the Henry's in Fond du Lac, WI quite often. I loved the burgers and still remember the unique, wonderful taste. Might have to take a trip to Benton Harbor sometime.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


I remember in the mid 1960's I would drive to the Henry's on Cane Run Road in Louisville, Kentucky in my 1965 Ford Custom 500 and get a bag of French Fries to eat as I drove away from Henry's.
Since I now know that a Henry's is in Benton Harbor, Michigan I might take a Summer Trip up there to get that GREAT FRENCH FRY taste again and maybe feed a few Sea Gulls too.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Anonymous: GREAT TASTE

I just thought that the name Henry's Hamburgers was something I just imagined. Until I ran across something I was researching for a class I am taking. I remember when we lived in Cheyenne Wyoming, we were moving back to Indiana and on the drive from one state to another we ate at this fast food place called Henry's Hamburgers. I have always wondered if there was such a place and I now know there was and still one location still open. Even though that was back in 1967 I still know the great taste of the hamburger.

Thursday, 21 October 2013

Kelley Shreve: STREET RACING

My name is Kelley Shreve, I remember my dad telling me stories about his days as a teenager/young man and all the nights at the plaza, in Benton Harbor, Mi. everyone would meet up in their old muscle cars and hot rods and meet up at Henry's and from there they would leave out to go street racing, Henry's was kind of the "pit area" where everyone met to "size-up" the competition. He always talked about those times as some of the most fun he ever had, cruising the plaza. As a teenager myself, I remember pulling up after having gone thru the drive thru, sitting there eating in my car, being so close to Lake Michigan, seagulls were always around. I remember watching people throw french fries out the window to the birds, who LOVED Henry's french fries by the way!. and more than once I watched flocks of gulls swarm a car to get more fries. lol. They would try to get in the cars! HAHA. My wife and I still have a "soft spot" for Henry's, it is kind of our "special" go to place every once in a while when we can’t decide what we want to eat, we always give each other a "look" and we can read each other’s minds, almost in unison we say "HENRY'S!" The burgers are still the same today as they were 20 years ago and something’s are just better left unchanged! same for the fries! I remember we had the store on Riverview Dr. in Benton Harbor as well. but that store, sadly, closed many years ago although the building still stands and has been a couple of different food joints since, it still remains the Henry’s green and white colors and brings back memories of days gone by.

Friday, 11 October 2013


My first memories of Henry’s has absolutely nothing to do with eating there.

I attended elementary school at Grant, in Minneapolis Minnesota, and lived not far from there on Plymouth & Irving. When my late sister got to Jr. High, she started working at the Henry’s on Plymouth Ave. in Minneapolis. I remember the Burgers were 15 cents. I can’t even remember eating one then. Days were short there in the frozen tundra, and it was after dark when she got off work. My job was to walk the 4 blocks down Plymouth to meet her when she got off work. She passed away a few years back, but I remember those walks like it was yesterday. Even though I was two years younger, It was one of my first bits of man size responsibility. Meeting my sister, coming home from work at Henry’s.

Years later, in 1972, I was stationed at Great Lakes Navy Base, and I stated taking the Greyhound bus to visit family in Benton Harbor. I bought my first car there in the harbor. It was a bright red ’65 Ford Galaxy that burned about 3 quarts of oil a day. When it came to eating, I spent like a sailor! Nearly every day my cousins and I would pile in the car and head from Vashti St (that’s on the way to the Post, for you who know a little about the place) and head for Henry’s. It was the old store then. My thing was a ½ pound of fish, of a ½ pound of shrimp. On a good day I could eat both!!!

Every few years, I still pass through Benton harbor. While I’m in town, you can bet I’ll stop in at least once. I’m glad Henry’s is still around.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Alan J. Spagnolia: AWESOME TIMES!

STILL looking for the italian beef sandwich they used to serve. THERE WAS/IS NONE BETTER!! I don’t know what seasonings they used, but it was PERECT!! LOVED the breaded shrimp, too! Hot dogs, of course were amazing, as was the fries!! I went to the Wheeling, Illinois location – many times, especially when Mom would take my sister and I there for dinner, before THEY went out to some fancy restaurant, so they would have us all fed b/4 the baby-sitter came to watch us (she was VERY cute, btw!!) I remember Mom eating some of our fries, or getting a tamale there. The 1960’s/early 70’s were AWESOME TIMES !!!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Michael Ehlert: Onion Rings THE BEST!

I was born in 1964 when My dad was in college at UNI in Cedar Falls Iowa and he worked at Henry's. By the time I was 5 My Dad was the owner of the Henry's on Mt Vernon Road in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I grew up on Henry's and loved the Onion Rings made fresh every day. The pound of fries, the TENDERLOINS!!! Every Friday Night Dad Brought home dinner from work and we ate watching Brady Bunch (LOL). Sunday Mornings the Bread delivery guy would bring dad doughnuts fresh from the bakery when he delivered the fresh baked Hamburger Buns. I'd go in with him to open up on Sunday. I had to clean trash from the parking lot to earn a doughnut. :( Henry's had the BEST Pressure cooked Chicken dinners with those Potatoe wedges and Coleslaw!!!! OMG I'm getting hungry for them. I did mention the FRESHLY MADE ONION RINGS! THE BEST!!!! -- Michael Ehlert Cedar Rapids Iowa

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Alan Goldberg: Dad Opened Dorchester Ave. Store

There was a Henry's Hamburgers in Dorchester on Dorchester Ave.  My father opened that store and one in Brockton, Mass.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tom Miller: Dad Managed Dorchester Store

My Dad, Ken Miller was Manager at the Dorchester store in the 60's; he franchised it in the late 60's after working at the Brockton store on Crescent St. for a while and his own future store at 1420 Dorchester Ave in Dorchester Ma. He closed in late 73 or early 74. I spent many hours working both stores myself as a young teenager along with my older sister. Mom also did duty in the Dorchester store after Dad franchised it. I saw John Spada's post from an earlier date, and I believe I recognize the name. I spent many a morning making the "Henry Sauce" prior to opening for the day. I also worked my way through High School as an employee for Henry's...Friday's in Dorchester were the busiest day of the week when the Pollack's Factory let out for lunch. Being a huge catholic, area- seafood was king on Friday. Many days working non stop on the grill and fryolators!! Whole bellied clams from the Ipswich Seafood Company at a great price til the Red Tide seriously hurt anyone who relied on seafood. Fresh cut Onion Rings too! Hot Dogs were cooked in the Fryolators...what a difference in taste from steamed(Maple Leaf Hotdogs!) ...grilled hotdog rolls...not a bad experience to grow up around. Punched in at 7am and punched out at 5...worked the occasional night shift too as I got older.
Loved it for the most part... --  Tom Miller

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kevin Danielson: Lou Costello at Henry's in Minnesota?

I used to go to the Henry's on Lexington ave. in St. Paul, Mn. The burgers were great and one of the guys behind the counter looked just like Lou Costello. Boy, do I miss Henry's in Minnesota!!! -- Kevin Danielson, Centerville, MN

Wednesday, 26 June 2012

Marcus: Delicious Memories from Henry's in Denver

There was a Henry's located in Denver CO at one time.  It was on South Colorado Blvd. in either the 2400 or 2500 block I believe.  We rarely went out to any type of restaurant so it was a treat when our Mom took us there.  The outlet had walk up windows and concrete tables.  I remember the logo from the sign the most along with the delicious taste of the burgers.  I am not aware of any other locations in the Denver area and the one I do remember has been gone almost 40 years.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lynn Colvin: Hangaberg's Hangabergs

I don’t remember your food. I was too young. We moved from Endwell in 1963 or 1964, but it was a running joke in our family for many years that you were my favorite restaurant and I got very excited and used to chant "I want to go to Hangaberg’s Hangabergs" when I was a small child. My older brother just sent me a link to your website. What a trip!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mike Elston: One Place That Carried Them All

I've missed Henry's Hamburgers for many years. There were·two Henry's locations in our local area when I was a kid. One was located on Main St. in Binghamton, N.Y., the other on the George F. Highway in Endwell, N.Y. Hands down their menu & quality of food was far superior to McDonalds & Carol's; the other two burger chains that operated in our area of at that time. I worked for a short period of time at the Binghamton location during the summer of 1970. I had a great time working there & of course I enjoyed sampling ALL the food we sold. In addition to remembering·the great food selections, I remember the catchy radio jingle that played on most of the local radio stations. To my best recollection (in two parts) that jingle went as such: "I want a hotdog, she wants fish, he wants chicken oh how I wish that there was just one place that carried them all so I wouldn't have to make so many stops & calls; head for Henry's." After pitching ads for the local Henry's locations, the remainder of the jingle went: "Henry's has so many things, hotdogs, hamburgers, even onion rings, the French fried shrimp are sure to please with the fish & the chicken & the shakes & the burgers with cheese; head for Henry's." Most kids around here knew that jingle by heart. We also knew that it's message was true, given the variety Henry's offered at really decent prices; even for a kid. I sure have missed Henry's & its great food selections for many years. -- Mike Elston Apalachin, N.Y.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pat Omara: Henry's in Decatur Illinois

wow· from decatur illinois im almost 58 and i have fond memories of my childhood in decatur illinois and going to henrys down the road from monroe park at the corner of oakland and harrison to this day the building is still there. henrys was the best.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

John Barnett: Henry's in Chicago Heights

Nice to see there is a Henry's Hamburgers still around! There was one on the corner of Western Ave & Rt. 30 in Chicago Heights Illinois in the 1950's-60's we used to go to. In the late 1960's they moved across town on Dixie Highway over by the High School. I was fortunate to get a job there as a cook in 1969! Great food & great memories! Keep up the tradition!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Kaleena & Joe Minehan: Henry's in Boston?

Was there a Henrys in Boston Massachusetts in the 60's and 70's?
My grandfather managed a "henry's hamburgers" for years and has just passed. I was wondering if this was the place he worked. I would like to find a souvenir for my grandmother if at all possible.
Thank you -- Joe Minehan, Boston MA

Monday, 28 March 2011

John Spada: Mixing the Henry's Sauce

I was thrilled to hear·that there was still a Henry's operating. When I was a teenager I worked at the store in Brockton, MA. My father was the night manager and remember talking to him as he mixed the Henry's sauce. - John Spada


Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kaleena & Joe Minehan: Henry's in Boston?

Was there a Henrys in Boston Massachusetts in the 60's and 70's?
My grandfather managed a "henry's hamburgers" for years and has just passed.· I was wondering if this was the place he worked.· I would like to find a souvenir for my grandmother if at all possible.
Thank you -- Joe Minehan, Boston MA

Monday, 28 March 2011

Randy Sanders: Dreaming in Chicago

Hi - My name is Randy Sanders and my family ran a franchise in Chicago, IL. We were involved in the late 60's to the early 70's. I was around ten, eleven years old at the time, and will always have great memories of that place. We were lucky to be at a great location situated next to the old W. Madison ave. Chicago Stadium. These were pre-Michael Jordan years! and I remember my brothers and I filling a bag of burgers and fries, hot apple pies, etc. and taking the food right in to a Bulls or Blackhawk contest. (sometimes able to get floor level seats!) It was great, because as a 5th / 6th grader my Dad let me train in all the aspects of restaurant management from sweeping the parking lot to handling the picture-less cash register. To this day, I still hold the dream of restaurant ownership close to me. Thanks for letting me share, Randy Sanders

Friday, 8 April 2011

Skylor V.: That Ol' Brown Bag

I always loved going shopping with my mom into town because i always knew a brown bag was waiting for me on the car ride home. :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Guest: hamburger stand!!

please see this video, it has a foto of Henrys in it!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6wBAXWtJ1w We would go to the Henrys in Austin, mn after church many many years ago, great memories!!

Wednesday, 04 August 2010

FuzzyMemories.TV: Henry's Restaurants - "Captain Henry" (Commercial, 1969)

Here's an isolated copy of the old Henry's commercial. Enjoy!



Monday, 19 July 2010

Larry: Growing up in Chicago

What fond memories I have, growing up in Chicago with my grandfather, who on most Saturday nights in the summer would go to the Henry's across from Hanson Park, and get us hamburgers and himself the chicken dinner, that we would eat on the back porch (no ac in that old house!). I remember the sign out front being so huge and bright! That was a long time ago, in a cruel blow of irony, there is a McDonald's at that address now. I'm glad I stumbled on this and will look for your place next time we are on our way to northern Michigan.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Kim: Great Memories!

When I was growing up I used to walk to Henry's and get a meal for 25 cents. Could not wait to have the fries! Although I have lived in San Diego for 30 years, I always stop at Henry's when I am in the area. It brings back such good memories...Never even thought of going to McDonald's down the street! Thanks for being such an icon in Benton Harbor.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Steven R. Leal: Albuquerque

As a kid growing up and spending the summers with my Grandparents in Albuquerque our favorite place to go was the Henry's located on Eubank Blvd. in the N.E. Heights section of Albuquerque. On our way to the Sandia Tramway we stopped and filled up on Henry's. I also remember a Henry's on S. Colorado Blvd. in Denver that was always a treat.

Sunday, 06 June 2010

Guest: Henry's Pensacola FL

I remember as a kid going to Henry's when we lived in Pensacola FL, it was on Pace blvd, I'd always get a "Deluxe" which was a burger with Lettuce & Tomato, I think it was .35 or .40 cents at the time, and I thought that was expensive, and my dad would buy french fries by the 1/2 lb, I didn't know you could, but he did, he'd come back to the car with a bag full of fries, Great Memories

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Heidi: We love this place!

My mom grew up in Benton Harbor, and remembers when Henry's started! It's been her favorite, and we grew up going to Henry's every time we visited the Benton Harbor area every summer. Mom and I were just there today :)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Guest: Great Memories

I remember growing up in upstate New York (Binghamton area) and going to Henry's many, many times. If I recall, you could get a hamburger, fries and a drink for $.37 or $.42. It was a few years ago, but when you're 11 or 12 it doesn't get any better than that. I remember actually wanting to go with my aunt when she drove my sister to her weekly dance lessons so we could stop there! They are long gone now, but a lot of great memories not only like that, but also with several of my friends.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Mr. Henry: Thanks

Thank you for all of the great memories of Henry's Hamburgers! I did not know that Henry's had stores in Florida!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Richard Long: Miami Florida

Henry's had a drive-in on the Southwest corner of Southwest 87 ave. and Bird Road in Miami Florida in the late 50's or very early 60's. I think they open 8 to 12 in the Miami area. Mc Donalds didn't get into Miami until the mid-60's and Burger King was based out of Miami. Sincerely Richard Long.

Saturday, 02 January 2010

Guest: Waterloo, Iowa

I grew up in Waterloo down on 9th and Commercial and it was a short walk up to the Henry's on University Ave.! Man I musta been around 5 years old and can still remember loving their burgers and fries!!!!!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Collin W: Best Fast Food Burgers Ever

I remember eating at Henry's when I was growing up in Cedar Falls, Iowa. They were the best fast food burgers ever. I still have an unopened kite I got there once.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

DJC: Classic Henrys TV Commercial

A blast from the past. At the end of this clip is an OLD (1969) Henry's TV commercial: http://www.fuzzymemories.tv/screen.php?c=2611&p=1&m=Henry

Friday, 13 November 2009

Guest: Des Moines

I remember back in the 70's there was a Henry's at Merle Hay and Douglas in Des Moines. We sure miss it! They used to have 10 hamburgers for $1.00.

Monday, 28 September 2009

jim schlitter ...: Best Wishes on your 50th

best wishes on your 50th year and may you have many more in 1965 when i worked at shoppers fair we use to go for lunch at henrys often great hamburgers and rest of the food when i cme up to michigan for a visit i will make it a point to cme to henrys often glad you are still in business greetings to all of you at henrys keep up the good work jim schlitter

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Desperado Productions: Tuskegee Airmen at Henry's

A short interview with Lt. Colonel and former Tuskegee Airmen at Henry's Hamburgers on 6/19/09 can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow2iY_bT4Ck. Thank you Henry's for helping to make this happen!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Odd W.: Wheeling, IL

Wheeling, IL, 1970, just across the street from K-mart. What I remember (not trying to be gross) is the smell from blocks away. It smelled like stinky armpit! All you have to do is type Henry's Hamburgers into a search engine (I use Dogpile) and you will have tons of info. The best is retro pix on ameshistoricalsociety . org. .15, .20 cents? Phillips 66? Does that say .23 cents/gal??? I remember the Clark station when it was .26 cents. Wait... is that a Corvair? The O-Rings rocked. PS: A little earlier in time- does anyone out there remember Skippy Peanut Butter & Bacon?? It was Bac-Os, not real bacon. I've searched all over...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Shirley: Grandmother's Kitchen

I remember going to Henry's when it first opened up in 1959. Years later whenever I would go inside to order, the aroma coming from the cooking area through the order window smelled exactly like my grandmother's kitchen!! It was such a memory that brought tears to my eyes whenever I sensed the aroma. The new restaurant doesn't bring that, sadly. But I still have the memory(smile) Also when my boyfriend, now husband, and I would go out we would go there and watch the cars and see whoever was there.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Candi Purdiman: I've been eating at Henry's

As a young girl (one years of age) I have been eating at Henry's Hamburger! And I love the fries! My favorite thing was the 1/2 pound of fries!

Thursday, 04 June 2009

Lois Purdiman: Yummy Henry's

When I was heading out to play cards or go play bingo, the first stop always had to be Henry's! And when we brought the family, everyone had their "I gotta have" order; Carl-1/2 pounds of fries, Malinda, Stacy, and Claudell-Double cheeseburgers and Fries, and my favorite- Shrimp! I remember when the big awning blew off!

And I've enjoyed working for Henry's; working crew and seeing all our customers. What a great joy!


Thursday, 04 June 2009

Titus: Henry's featured on chibbqking

I hope the people of Henry's and its customers enjoy this little article I put up on my site. http://chibbqking.blogspot.com/2009/06/before-there-was-mcdonalds-special-2.html

Monday, 01 June 2009

Mr. Henry: Promotions

Old time Plaza Promotions like Frontier Days, Fourth of July Fireworks, and Santa’s arrival. Newer Henry’s promos like 1984’s 25 cent hamburgers for 5 long days, pumpkin drops, and the “Hamburger Marathon” for United Way. Car Cruises. “Satan’s Mofos” motorcycle club and the wedding in Henry’s Parking lot.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Debbie: Pressure Fried Chicken

Well, my girl friend and I got jobs at Henry’s right after graduation. I met my husband there! He was so cute with his bucket hat and VW Beetle. Working for “Uncle Don” and “Uncle Bullet”. “Oh, for Gosh Sakes!” and “Uhhhhhhhhhh?!?” “Accidentally” making a grilled cheese sandwich and, well, I’ll eat it if we don’t need it! And Henry’s pressure fried Chicken – yum!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Al: Light

Harold Shook, Co-Owner of Henry’s, didn’t like the guys parking their cars in the back line of Henry’s parking lot. So they bought a huge, bright parking lot light, thinking that the light would drive them away. The big night arrived, and Harold turned on the light expecting the guys to get mad and drive off. Instead, they said “Cool!” and pulled their cars in a circle around the light, popped open their hoods, and compared engines! Harold was not happy!!!!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Dave A: Cruising

Cruising around and around every night! Drive around McDonald’s, then up through Roxy’s. Back down M-139 to Burger King, around the Plaza, and through Henry’s parking lot. Talking trash about each other’s cars, and where are the girls? Tommy Angelo trying to cruise around with his headers uncapped and usually getting busted by the cops. “County Mounties”, “B T’s”, “State Bulls”. Playing Frisbee at 1 a.m. in the Plaza parking lot. “Popcorn Ted” and his Fudge Stand.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Sonny: Starlite

On Saturday nights, me and my girlfriend would get 2 pounds of shrimp and a pound of fries from Henry’s, then go to the Starlite Drive In. Sometimes, we’d sneak beer in. We always parked in the back row!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Freda: Birthday

One of my fondest memories of Henry’s is when I turned 18 years old, which at that time was the legal drinking age. When I got to work at Henry’s on my birthday, my girlfriend who also worked at Henry’s, had gotten me a birthday present. A bottle of wine!! If memory serves me correctly, it was Boone’s Farm!!!! We were ready to celebrate. Problem was, her boyfriend was still a baby, only 17, so we couldn’t get into any Clubs.

So the three of us piled into a car, drove out to the country, parked in a grape vineyard, and drank up my birthday present. Little did I know I was contributing to the current owner of Henry’s delinquency!!! We liked to make chili burgers for ourselves even though they were not on the menu. They still are not on the menu, but people still come in and get them.

Monday, 30 March 2009

David: Halloween

My best memory at Henry’s is the time all the employees dressed up for Halloween. My buddy Adam Wilson and I dressed up as women. Adam was a grandma; your ant-cha-moma. I was a hot & sexy moma. It was fun until guys started coming in whistling, blowing kisses, and giving me the old goo--goo--eyes!! I went up front to take a lady’s order, and she stated that everyone looked nice with their costumes and asked why I hadn’t dressed up. I replied in my best manly voice,” Hey lady, I am dressed up!!” After that, I just stayed in the back and cooked the rest of the day. If I’d been born a beautiful and sexy woman, it would have been quite a compliment. But this memory gives me nightmare flashbacks every Halloween!!


Monday, 30 March 2009